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[26.05.2011] Darky's Extreme Edition v10.1 ★ JVH ★ Fast. Sleek. Beautiful
Nadeszła długo oczekiwana aktualizacja ROM'u Darky'ego v10.1 Bazą jest JVH 2.3.3 Podobno bug-free.


// Introducing v10 Series
This is the fastest / most stable DarkyROM you've ever experienced.
This is not something we just say - it's a fact.

Based on the latest Gingerbread 2.3.3 Firmware [XWJVH]. (Thanks to Samsung for a nice firmware)
Drastically improved smoothness
Improved UI navigation speed
Best battery life reported so far
Gingerbread 3D Launcher is smooth
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[TWEAKS] Nex-S Tweaks V10.3 & App Cleaner V4

[quote]Nex-S Tweaks is a flashable ZIP for Roms with init.d script support.
Tested and working on CM7, MIUI (no DPI Version), Oxygen, DevNULL, Cognition.

Uninstall Script added! Uninstaller is only working on Nex-S Tweaks V10+
To uninstall Nex-S Tweaks PRE V10 flash you ROM again.

You will get a much better performance, responsiveness, mediaquality and battery life.
Permanent changed DPI to 200 - D
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GamerzRom v10.0
"Teoretycznie" najlepszy rom dla graczy Smile

[quote]GamerzRom v10


-JW4 based.
-JW4 modem.
-CRT-On Disabled
-Imporived classic GamerzRom look with stock TW icons.
-ADW Launcher changed with Modded blue donut launcher. (It using 7-8mb RAM)!
-Blue themed google search widget. (Touch image corrupted. You can use standart one.)
-New Thunderbolt Scripts 2.7.0 (Thanks to Pikachu01)
-Thunderbolt 3G scripts added.
-LMK scripts updated.
-Scrolling cache tweaks for flying scroll